Shipping & Delivery


  1. Storage conditions
  2. Shipping conditions
  3. Shipping costs
  4. Taxes and Customs fees
  5. Delivery time
  6. Youth protection act
  7. Environmentally friendly shipping

1. Storage Conditions

In order to offer you the best wine experience, we make everything that’s in our hands to make the wines arrive in the best conditions, like among other things, monitoring at all times the temperature and moisture conditions of our cellars.

2. Shipping conditions

  • 5515 GenussRaum Weines are shipped carefully with our external logistics partner DHL (Deutsche Post AG)
  • Orders will be shipped from Monday to Friday from our warehouse in Berlin. Some deliveries could also take place on Saturdays
  • Packaging material: For security reasons, bottles are only shipped in approved recycled corrugated cardboard boxes for wine logistics with inner division per bottle. These are identified with barcode labels
  • Standard box sizes are used for shipping. Therefore, we recommend an environmentally friendly order quantity, adapted to these box sizes: 1,2,3,6,9,12,15,18 bottles or a multiple

3. Shipping costs

  • From 6 bottles we deliver free of charge throughout Germany!
  • At  5515genussraum there is no minimum order amount or no minimum order
  • Hier below you will find the shipping costs outside of Germany depending on the destination country and number of bottles. For other destinations that are not included in this table, please contact us by email: or using our contact form.
Destination                  1 B*        2 B*      3 B* 6 B*                         9B*         12 B*                      15B*                     18B* 
Germany 6.50€ 6.90€ 7.80€                    Free Shipping from 6 bottles!
EU countries 1** 13.25€ 14.15€ 15.95€ 19.55€                 24.05€       27.65€                   32.15€                35.75€
EU countries 2*** 14.00€ 14.95€ 16.85€ 20.65€                25.40€       29.20€                    33.95€                37.75€
EU countries 3**** 14.35€






21.70€                26.95€

20.20€                24.20€

      31.15€                    36.40€                40.60€

27.40€                   31.40€                34.60€

other countries by request

B*: Bottle.

All prices are exclusive VAT.
**     Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic
***   Great Britain*, Italy, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary

**** Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland*, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Cyprus

  • Notice about returns due to incomplete or incorrect delivery address: We ask our customers to check very careful your delivery address as you fullfil it in our shop. We reserve the right to claim resulting costs of returned goods. We ask for your understanding and support

4. Taxes and Customs fees

Please note that shipments in certain destination countries are subject to customs duties and value added tax (e.g. Switzerland). For intra-Community shipping outside of Germany, any taxation in the destination country will be borne by the customer.


The British Parliament passed a withdrawal agreement on December 20, 2019. The United Kingdom (UK) will therefore leave the EU on January 31, 2020. Since a transition period is planned until December 31, 2020, there will be no customs changes in the movement of goods between the EU and UK until then.

It is unclear which regulations will apply to trading after December 31, 2020. We will monitor it and keep you informed.

5. Delivery time

  • The delivery of the goods takes place from Monday to Friday, usually from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Deliveries on Saturday are also possible
  • The following delivery options from DHL are available to our customers to choose from: delivery date and storage location. Please provide the relevant information on time by DHL shipment tracking
  • The delivery time for Germany is usually 1 to 3 days. For other EU countries it is estimated as follows:
                 Germany                 EU countries 1,2 ** EU countries 3***  Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino
Delivery time*       1-3                              3-10    4-12 3-7
other Destinations by request

*      Working days
**    Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic
Great Britain, Italy, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary
*** Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Cyprus

6. Youth Protection Act

In compliance with the Youth Protection Act, 5515 GenussRaum only deliver to people over the age of 16 in Germany or over the legal drinking age, in any other country in Europe. The customer assures by placing his order, that he is over the legal drinking age in his country of residence and that the person who will receive the shipment is also an adult in these terms.  At the slightest doubt, the carrier service may ask for age confirmation by presentation of an identity document. We thank you for your support.

7. Environmentally friendly shipping

We are concerned about the environment and are aware of our responsibility in its preservation. Therefore we welcome the GoGreen service of our logistics partner DHL, which ensures that all our shipments in and out of Germany are made within the System 100 % CO2 Neutral.

This is a system for carbon dioxide emissions compensation, which guarantees its full contribution to recognized environmental projects. For more information, you may visit DHL website.