Bodegas Vinatigo

Founded in 1990 in the northeast of Tenerife, in the small village of La Guancha, stands out as one of the most important wineries of the Canary Islands, where wine industry dates from the sixteenth century and makes substantial part of its landscape.  

The winery works under the leadership of its founder and Technical Director Juan Jesús Méndez, well known also as a great promoter of the creation, a year later, of the appellation of origin to which it belongs: DO Ycoden Daute Isora. Motivated by a long family tradition that later became real passion, this vocational teacher and visionary wine lover, has invested great efforts in research projects on indigenous varieties of the Canary Islands, to recover them and develop incredibly unusual and unique wines, which differ greatly from what the market already offers and which also enjoy the highest standards of quality.  

In that sense, it is recognized as the first winery in Spain to implement the ISO 9000 Management System of Quality to the whole winemaking process, from growing the grapes to bottling, ensuring full traceability and control with a great care for quality, to get these highly honest wines. The commitment goes beyond production: the winery building and surroundings are developed in two amazing underground floors that evoke volcanic structures to reduce its landscape impact.  

It was in 2013, when Viñátigo introduced its new evocative labeling image of the so-called „heroic viticulture“, with numbered bottles with a very limited production in most of cases. We invite you to immerse yourself in this volcanic sensory experience with authentic wines of Tenerife!