Bodegas Tajinaste

The “cordon multiple trenzado“-a sort of multi braided cord- is an ancient vineyard growing system, unique in the world, with an extraordinary landscape value which is practiced even today in La Orotava, in north of Tenerife. With this system Bodegas Tajinaste cultivates some of its oldest vines, which date from 1914, from the traditional grapes from the Canary Islands: Listan negro and Listan blanco.

Tradition holds together one of the most creative wine projects from Tenerife and perhaps from also all Canary Islands. Agustin Garcia Farrais is the young enthusiastic oenologist behind this proposal. His grandparents and then also his parents laid the foundation for what is now one of the reference wineries on the islands. He has managed not only to continue the project, but also to provide it the identity. Tajinaste -which exists as a brand since 1977- as it has been happening in recent years with many wineries all over the islands, it’s absolutely committed with the singularity of their own grape varieties, with the production of authentic wines that reflect their exceptional environment; which he has not hesitate to call “wines with soul”.

Tajinaste wines are produced under the Designation of Origin, in spanish Denominacion de Origen, Valle de La Orotava, and for some years now also under the recent created Protected Designation of Origin Canary Islands, Denominacion de Origen Protegida Islas Canarias. These last one has allowed the develop of amazing projects, to be added to its very appreciated red wines CAN or Vendimia Seleccionada, such as its wine collection from representatives grapes of each island, called “Paisaje de Las Islas“, “The Islands Landscape” in english.

Beside the already named traditional grape varieties Listan blanco and Listan negro, Tajinaste grows some other less known such as Marmajuelo, Albillo, Verdello, Vijariego negro and Tintilla, with a huge potential, already reflected in the extraordinary quality and personality of the wonderful Tajinaste wines.