Bodegas Crater

This story begins in 1998 in the north of Tenerife. A year of drought in Tacoronte -Acentejo region, which gave one of the best vintages with high quality grapes that people can remember. At that time, a group of friends – with very different professional backgrounds, but the same wine passion – decided to take part of a wine project, which led them to create “Bodegas Buten” (Tenerife’s united winemakers).

With vineyards located in El Sauzal and Tacoronte and also grapes from the nearby villages La Victoria and Santa Ursula, mainly Listán Negro and Negramoll cultivated in a wide area which runs through different altitudes and partly on the coast, what explains its great aromatic potencial; they were willing to create a „stylish wine“. In this sense, they started to experiment with at that time in the islands unusual ways of production, such as the separate processing of each grape variety, longer maceration times and individual aging in new french oak barrels, to achieve a perfect and harmonious combination of grape varieties. That’s how the great Cráter wine would be born.

Crater stands not only for the wine name but also for how people refer to the winery located in El Sauzal itself. Lourdes Fernández, the known face of this group of friends, reserves to her wines the same sensitivity as she shows as a person, that may be also the reason why they decided to develop their wines through biodynamic agriculture in the farm called “El Pino”, where treatments with homeopathic and herbal products are applied to restore the vineyard environment and the dialogue of the plant and its ecosystem, all of which translates without doubts into these extremely authentic wines.

In 2003 another step forward was given. Starting from an exceptional year in the vineyard, the winery decided to produce a new wine with the same ambition but even more sophisticated, they reach their goal with the fascinating “Magma”. Few wines can talk more and better from their environment, their soil and the volcano.