Bodegas Frontos

The highest vineyard in Europe is located in the town of Abona, south of Tenerife, about 1.700m above sea level, at the foot of the also highest peak of Spain: El Teide. There, with a very unique climatic conditions over the sea of clouds, Frontos has part of its vineyards in the farm called “Los Frontones”. On rocky soils and through organic viticulture are produced the varieties Baboso Negro, Vijariego Negro, Listán Prieto and Listán Blanco. Among them, one of the most exceptional white wines: “Blanco Seco Ecológico”.

At lower altitude, 600 meters above sea level, between the villages of Los Blanquitos and Chimiche, are the other vineyards in the farm called “Los Blanquitos”. In poor organic soils covered by volcanic pumice to improve moisture retention, are cultivated the white varieties Gual, Verdello, Marmajuelo, Albillo and Malvasia.

Frontos is more than a winery. It is a project that honors the culture of wine. Its history goes back more than 50 years when D. Manuel Luengo moved out of the region of Castilla y León here and decided to produce wine. His children, especially Fernando Luengo, continues the tradition formally since 2003 after a major reform of the vineyards, in order to cultivate canary varieties in a substantially more modern context. In the bioclimatic building that houses the winery, designed to reduce energy consumption and integrated seamlessly into the landscape, 6 highly expressive types of wine are produced under the label DOP Abona. They capture the essence of these grape varieties and the authenticity of this unique terroir: the terroir of the Canary Islands and in particular of the highest vineyard in Europe.