what you may already know


The wine is fashionable. But we do not want "what we just get" but what "we like". 


Spain is since 2013 the largest producer of wine worldwide, also the first country in planted vineyard area and the second in export volume. The Canary Islands are one of the regions with the highest growth in this sector. 


The Canary Island have one of the best climates in the world, along with the rich volcanic soils and the work of committed people who bring their passion to the fields, make the miracle of these great wines happen. 


Very frequent are the references to the wines from the Canary Islands and its benefits in literary works by Schakespeare, Ben Johnson, Friedrich von Schiller, Kant and others. 


What you still may not know


Most vineyards in the Canary Islands are ancient. Together with Cyprus and Crete is one of the European regions that completely escaped the phylloxera plague that caused terrible damage to European vineyards in the nineteenth century. 


The Canary Islands have 11 of the 70 appellations of origin that currently exist in Spain, including the newly created Protected Designation of Origin: "DOP Canary Islands". 


In the Canary Islands grow more than 20 grape varieties that are unique in the world, according to the Canarian Institute of Agricultural Research (ICIA), many of which have been recovered and are actively involved in research projects and the development of the so called "varietal wines". 


what we'd love to tell and you may like to know


All drinkable stories, told by their protagonist and harvested on a land very marked by the character of the terroir or "terruño". Where people who understand their work as a hobby, work with true devotion to the tradition of parents and grandparents and great respect for the new techniques, what shows the great generational change taking place in the cellars. 


What you want is what you like and what you like is what's good for you. So we bring unique, unusual wines, born from the volcano, which hardly evoke any other wine you've ever tasted before, to allow you the best possible journey ever: the one you smell, taste and drink. We want to share it with you! 


This is not a wine shop, this is a trip. The wine? The wine is a gift!

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