Jorge Zerolo and Rodrigo Mesa winery Contiempo

In the words of Jorge Zerolo: "In the Canary Islands wine can not be taken simply as an economic project, because it is not competitive in this sense, that's why we need to have a unique, singular wine, that surprises. First of all, it should surprise the winemaker, the one who has imagined it" . Together with his good friend Rodrigo Mesa, leads Zerolo the "Contiempo" wine project.

What was already a model farm in the Canary Islands in terms of agricultural innovation, owned by the family of Rodrigo Mesa since 1994, would be later part of a transformation process to become gradually a vineyard garden. On the basis of modern molecular techniques, DNA markers, the identification and characterization of more than 40 grape varieties was achieved, some of them still exist in parts of Europe, but most are only on the Canary Islands. This deep knowledge of the grape varieties made it possible not only to establish their suitability for different landscapes and soils, but also the great potential of each in winemaking. So that's how Contiempo started to cultivate its own vineyard from year 2000 on.

The vineyards extend along the villages of Arafo and Güimar, in southern Tenerife, between 50-1500 meters above sea level and taking part of the designation of origin: DOP Güimar. Here, these two friends with a focus on innovation and not less risk, analyze the harvest each year in order to produce the "flagship wine" of the winery and afford a pleasing range of experimentation for other wines, which keeps them as the young and dynamic reference winery. Their wines, also the selection we present here, faithfully reflect the charm of this project.

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