Domingo Martín Bodegas Marba

Domingo Martín manages this vineyard in the northeast of Tenerife, in the town of Tegueste, where he started even before 1993 to produce wine as a hobby for his own consumption and small trade. He first marketed his wine under the brand name " El Pino". The enthusiasm of family and friends gives him the motivation to make significant improvements in technology and a serious commitment to quality. The brand „Marba“ was finally born in 2000 and has been a part of the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) Tacoronte Acentejo.

The current 6.3 hectares of vineyards from Marba are located at an altitude between 300m and 500m above sea level, spread across three villages: Tegueste, where the winery is located, La Laguna and El Sauzal. The winery produces with a capacity of 42,000 liters per year and it has seven different astonishing wines on the market, which have won many awards in the recent years, especially one of the most prestigious award in 2013 als "Best Canary wine".

In Marba this success, which they mainly understand dued to the high quality of the canary grapes, its peculiarity and the formidable climate of the islands, is assumed with great enthusiasm, but some caution and also a great sense of responsibility, but the one they are willing to take every year to make these formidable wines.

We therefore invite you to taste three wonderful examples: the red of the peculiar flavor "Marba maceración carbónica", the irresistible white "Marba blanco afrutado" and one of the best rosés that we have ever tasted: " Marba Rosado". 

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